Community-wide Energy Use

Check out the Colerain Township Energy Plan Story Map

The charts below show the proportion of electricity and natural gas used by different land uses and business sectors in Colerain Township.

Residential is the most dominant user of both electricity and natural gas, followed by transportation, service industries, and retail establishments.


Community Energy Use – Electricity (kWh)


Community Energy Use – Gas


Energy Burden

Energy Burden is the proportion of one’s household budget that goes towards energy—in the case of this analysis, one’s gas and electric bill.  The map below shows the rate of households with high energy burden relative to the community-wide average.

Energy Burden relative to Township average


Urban Heat Island

The Urban Heat Island is created when sunshine heats buildings and surfaces like roads and parking lots. These objects store that heat, then release it during the night, causing urban areas to have higher temperatures than the surrounding countryside.